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Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner

Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner

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  • Look nowhere else if you're in search of a trusted glasses washing machine. This ultrasonic lens cleaner can be used to clean objects like jewelry, glasses, jade, optical glasses, optical instruments and other items.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel.
  • Inner Tank Capacity: 600ml
  • Power supply voltage: 110V 60Hz in a US plug
  • Measures 18.5x14.5x10cm.
  • Inner Tank Size: 16x8x3.8cm.
  • Power: 30W/50W
  • Working Frequency: 40 KHz.
  • Time taken to clean: 1-60 minutes (30W), 1-30 minutes (50W)

Timing: 1-60 minutes (30W), 1-30 minutes adjustable (50W)


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